A good reminder to parents of any pupils starting to learn to drive

Driving in the 80s

When I learnt to drive in 1986, I took my test after just 7 hours of tuition.

- Reverse parking was not taught.
- There was no Theory test.
- There was no hazard perception test.
- There was no independent drive section.
- There were no show me/tell me questions.
- There were no /very few bus lanes.
- There were no red routes.
- There were no/very few cycle lanes.
- There were no advanced stop lines.
- Cyclists were taught cycling proficiency at school.
- Pedestrians were taught the Green X Code.
- There were more police enforcing driving standards.
- There were less vehicles on the road.
- Hardly any parked cars.
- I never heard the term "road rage"
- There were no speed humps, 20 zones, build outs or other traffic "calming" measures.
- As far as I remember other drivers gave me space and time while I was learning.
- There were less/no mini roundabouts/double mini roundabouts.
- Roads were better maintained with signs and line markings you could actually see, and pot holes had not been invented.
- Supermarkets were not open 24/7 and closed on Sundays so you could always use their car parks for some initial practice.
- The test only lasted about 20 minutes.

Your children have so much more to deal with than you ever did. Road conditions and layout, driver behaviour and driver distractions are just a few of the more complex things a good driver needs to deal with these days. Please show them the respect and admiration they deserve for just attempting to learn to drive let alone facing the far more taxing Driving Tax.

Test Nerves


Nerves can undoubtedly play a part in whether succeed or fail a driving test, yet lots of very nervous people pass their driving test 1st time ever day:


Well firstly remember instructors don't teach you to fail, so stick to what they have told you and what you have been taught! Forget what uncle Bill says about his test in 1975 it's not relevant.

Don't listen to horror stories from others about how bad their tests were, people love a bit of drama and they will always make things sound worse!

Keep the date of your test and time to yourself. If you are nervous, why have an audience?

Now, this is important STICK to the routines you have been taught, go through the procedures in your mind, mentally plan your manoeuvres and, how to deal with junctions! Remember your lane discipline, three reasons to be in the right hand lane:

- Turning right
- Overtaking
- If ONE arrow tells you that, you must use that lane, otherwise stay left!

Watch for road markings and signs they are like a silent instructor in the car!

The test lasts about the length of Eastenders, just make sure you don't have to go back for a second episode.

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